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Support with your finances

We have a Money Matters service that is there to help you maximise your income and deal with financial hardship you are having.

Here are some examples of how Money Matters has helped Connect residents.

Resident Story #1

This resident’s energy company made them fit a prepayment meter due to them not being able to make their bill payments. This caused them distress so they contacted Money Matters for support. After working with the resident, the team were able to:

  • Get £600 of their arrears cleared by British Gas.
  • Receive a Personal Independence Payment worth £115 per week and a backdated payment of £2500.

This resident is now in control of their financial situation and can focus on looking after their mental and physical health.

Resident Story #2

Struggling to make ends meet for their family, this resident’s gas and electric payments had got out of control. After persistently speaking to the resident’s energy company, Money Matters eventually got them a £1,300 payment from the supplier to clear their arrears. They also worked with the resident to reduce their bills further by halving energy payments and signing up to a new social phone and broadband tariff.

Resident Story #3

This resident had a prepayment meter installed by British Gas, but it was not compatible with the heating system in their home. As a result, they were without heating during the coldest winter months. They contacted Money Matters, who worked on getting British Gas to change the meter to a compatible model. After plenty of trying, they were successful. During that time without heating Connect provided the resident with heaters, £200 and an electric cooker from their Customer Support Fund. They were also able to get £975 from the British Gas Community Trust as compensation for the resident. After complaints to British Gas, they were also given a further £300.

Cost of living support available this winter

Customer Support Fund

We have a modest pot of money available for those experiencing financial hardship. This can be particularly helpful during colder months, so please contact us to see if we can help you from this fund.

Discretionary Housing Payment

Each local council has a fund, which we can access, to help you if you are struggling with rent payments. It is up to the local authority how they allocate the money but you can contact us about this or search ‘Discretionary Housing Payment’ and your local council’s name online to find out more.

HACT Fuel Fund

Until October next year we are signed up to the HACT Fuel Fund. This is a scheme aimed at helping social housing residents with energy and fuel costs. You can receive up to six vouchers worth £49 each to pay towards your energy and fuel bills.

Staying connected

We are currently working towards providing low-cost broadband and mobile phone packages to help you reduce your regular bills and still stay digitally connected. You can also contact Money Matters to speak with them about social tariff options that are available now.

Please contact us if you’re struggling to make rent payments or are finding it difficult to pay your bills. You can call us on 0300 5000 600, choose option 3 and ask for the Money Matters team, or visit our Money Matters page.

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