We aim to assist people in need of affordable housing.

We operate in four local authorities – Leeds, Kirklees, Wakefield & Calderdale. Each local authority has their own unique application process.

Choice-Based Lettings – Leeds, Kirklees, Wakefield & Calderdale

We participate in a number of Choice-Based Lettings Schemes in Leeds, Calderdale, Wakefield & Kirklees operated by each of the Local Authorities. We alongside others advertise a number of our properties on the below scheme platforms.

Leeds – visit Leeds Home to apply.

Calderdale – visit Calderdale Key Choice to apply.

Wakefield – visit Wakefield Homesearch to apply.

Kirklees – visit Kirklees Choose N Move to apply.

If you are not registered on any of the above platforms we offer a number of our properties on Rightmove.

How Our Policy Works

We allocate our properties on the basis of need and affordability.

We will let properties to try and achieve sustainable communities. This means that we will sometimes:

– Use local lettings initiatives in specific areas
– Offer properties to lower priority applicants
– Advertise the availability of properties
– Restrict access to rehousing by us for applicants who have demonstrated unacceptable levels of anti-social behaviour or any other breaches in tenancy agreements.

We will normally consider applicants for one property size based on the maximum number of bed spaces per property and the age and sex of household members wanting to be rehoused together.

Letting To People In Priority Need

We will try to let at least 50% of our general needs housing to people who have been nominated by the local authority – which tends to be people who have been granted Priority Status under the Council’s allocation system.

If you would like to talk to our people about our properties – just email myhome@connecthousing.org.uk or call 0300 5000 600.