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Connect & Leeds Federated team up for Bramley community event

Communities officer Emily Dixon shares what’s been happening at Borrowdale Crescent, Bramley. 

This February we visited Borrowdale Crescent in Bramley to litter pick, plant seeds and, most importantly, talk to residents about what matters to them. 

Communities officer Emily Dixon

At Connect we have recently begun creating Neighbourhood Plans. These will be a go-to document for residents which include important information about the area they live in, their local facilities, and an action plan on how we can work together.

One of the schemes chosen to start the ball rolling this year was Borrowdale Crescent in West Leeds. After a few changes to the structure of our teams recently, we were aware that this was one of our estates that needed more focus and it was a great opportunity to work alongside Leeds Federated to help make some improvements together.  

On the day we carried out litter picking on the site, provided skips to get rid of any unwanted rubbish and planted sunflower pots with residents and their children; but the most success came from chatting to our residents. We wanted to find out how they felt about their neighbourhood and local area and ask if they felt they could get involved and help us to resolve any of the issues. Not only was this a great way to co-produce our neighbourhood plans with residents, but it also meant staff got the chance to get to know them a little bit better and spend more time on the scheme.  

As well as the Community Housing Officer and Communities team being onsite, Wayne joined us from the Estates team to help with the litter pick and share his expert gardening advice. Katie from Money Matters teamed up with Community Housing Officer Jas to support those with financial questions and spread the word about the fantastic work our Money Matters team do. We also had our new Asset Management and Sustainability Officer, Priya, on hand to help with litter picking. Not to forget our Communications team who made sure we captured the hard work everyone put in on the day!  

Despite the little bit of rain – we were expecting a lot worse for February – it did not stop the day from making a small difference to our scheme’s appearance and creating a huge change in the way we work with our residents and our fellow housing association Leeds Fed. Thank you to all our residents and staff who took the time to get involved. We look forward to rolling these events out across our Connect communities in the future. 

Please reach out to the Community and Tenant Engagement team at if you and your fellow residents have ideas for your own community event. 

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