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Our visiting support services are available whether you live in a Connect home, rent from another landlord, own your home, or are staying with a friend.

We will work with you to help prevent you becoming at risk of homelessness, maintain your home, sustain your tenancy and live independently.

We work alongside two main partners – Engage Leeds and Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership  to offer a wider range of support to people

Engage Leeds

Engage Leeds delivers housing-related support to people living across Leeds and is commissioned by Leeds City Council.

As part of Engage Leeds, we can help with:

  • Support if you are at risk of losing your accommodation
  • Finding accommodation
  • Dealing with money and benefits issues
  • Employment, skills and training support
  • Managing health and wellbeing
  • Building empowerment and accessing support networks

We are also specialists in providing housing support for people with the symptoms of dementia, or similar conditions.

For more information, or to find out how to access help, please contact Engage Leeds.

The Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership

We are part of the Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership, or KBOP.

KBOP is a partnership of specialist agencies supporting people in our community who face an increased risk of homelessness.

We take a person-centred approach, tailoring support so that it meets an individual’s hopes and goals.

We offer support across four main areas:

  • Housing – accessing housing and talking to landlords to sustain existing tenancies or find new accommodation
  • Health and wellbeing – addressing physical and mental health, including drug and alcohol dependency, helping to access treatment and improve wellbeing.
  • Education, training and employment – finding volunteering opportunities, education or training and guidance and helping people find meaningful employment
  • Support with domestic abuse and violence – providing expert support and advice, safety planning and crisis intervention to help keep victims of domestic abuse safe.

For more information, or to find out how to access help, get in touch with KBOP.

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