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Connect’s ‘Seed Funding’ is available for projects that are important to the people and the communities they live in. It is designed to help them get off the ground.

What is ‘Seed Funding’?

Seed funding is an amount of money that helps a project or product progress from the idea phase to making it happen.

At Connect, we want to shift the power to residents when it comes to making decisions for their community. That’s why we want to support you to start projects and initiatives with funding like this.

How do you access Seed Funding?

The first step is to get in touch with Connect and tell us about your project. You can reach out to your Community Housing Officer, the tenant engagement team (click here to find their details) or just call us on 0300 5000 600 and ask about this. They can help you with questions about the funding and filling out an application form.

To apply for the funding, you need to fill out a Seed Funding Form, which you can see below.

Applications are reviewed by senior members of Connect staff. If you’re not successful you will be given a full explanation by them as to why this is.

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