The demand for repairs service has now returned to normal levels, but we are still working to reduce the backlog of repairs that built up during lock-down. This is challenging for a number of reasons. The additional safety measures means it takes longer to do each job and some materials are taking longer to source through our suppliers. And just like everyone else our staff may have to self-isolate for a period before they can be tested.

In order to tackle the volume of work most effectively, and provide the flexibility we need to deal with staff absence at short notice, we have introduced new ways of working for the time being.

We will still respond to genuine emergencies as quickly as we can, and will normally aim to be with you within 2 hours of you contacting us.

For non-emergency repairs, we are not currently offering appointments. Instead, each day our team is working in designated localities, and will try to visit as many repair jobs in that area as they can in the time available. This helps us do more jobs than usual, as our technicians are spending less time travelling between jobs, and they can also call upon each other for help if a second pair of hands is needed or follow up work is necessary to finish off the job. Making these changes has helped the team complete at least 50% more jobs than normal, with no additional staff costs.

We will send you a text the afternoon before to let you know we will be working in your area, and may call on you. If you are able to stay in, our technician will hopefully be able to complete the repair that day. If not, and you have to go out for work or any other reason, that’s fine. We will leave a card to say we called, and will be back working in your area in a few days’ time to call by again.

As soon as we get the number of repairs back down to normal levels, we will return to making appointments for non-emergency repairs again.

You can help us by:
– Not reporting minor repairs which you can live with until a more normal way of life returns
– Do tell us about anything that you are concerned about which affects your safety or security
– Take photographs and be ready to send them (by WhatsApp or email) when you call us – this helps us to have the right equipment when we call
– If you get a text saying that we will be in the area, let us know if the repair no longer needs doing
– If you get a text from us, please stay in for our visit if at all possible, so that we can do the repair

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this difficult time.

We do the vast majority of repairs to your home however as a tenant there are things that you are expected to do.

Tenant responsibilities include although not limited to:

  • Keep your home clean and well-decorated and your garden tidy. We maintain communal gardens – not individual gardens.
  • Repair anything you have fitted yourself and change light bulbs etc.
  • Clear minor blockages to drains and sinks and carry out minor refixing such as tightening loose handles, hinges,etc.
  • Take all reasonable precautions to prevent water pipes being damaged by frost during severe weather.
  • Repair any damage created by you or your household.
  • Keys – please note that we do not generally replace locks when keys have been lost – you must make your own arrangements to do this. To prevent unnecessary costs to yourself, it may be advisable to keep a spare key with friends or family.

Download our tenant responsibiities checklist.

Report a Repair

Step 1: Use our online contact form or call us to report your repair on 0300 5000 600.

Step 2: We will ask you a few questions to find out what’s wrong.

Step 3: A Repairs Technician will visit you if we can’t help out over the phone.

Step 4: We will ask you when you would like to be visited and find out if a Repairs Technician is free.

Step 5: Make sure you’re in for your appointment! We may have to cancel your order if we miss you or at worst recharge you. You will need to rebook a repair appointment with us if we are unable to carry out your repair when we first visit.

We may find out that you are responsible for carrying out the repair you need. If this is the case, we will provide advice tailored to your household.

We may advise you to:

– Ask a family member, neighbour of friend if they can assist you.
– Contact a charitable repairs provider, such as Care & Repair or Mears Home Improvements.

The tenancy agreement sets out the respective responsibilities for landlord and tenant in relation to the maintenance of the property. Connect may recharge you for any repairs that it has to carry out, which fall within the scope of the tenant’s responsibilities. Download our Tenant Recharge Policy.