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Powering homes sustainably

Emma Gilbank is Connect’s Sustainability and Climate Change Manager. In this blog, she shares how we’re powering homes in a sustainable way.

We all need energy for our daily lives, but how we produce and consume it has a massive impact on our environment.

Emma Gilbank, Sustainability and Climate Change Manager

At Connect, we’re taking steps to ensure that the energy we use is sustainable, reduces our carbon footprint and contributes to a brighter, cleaner future.

Transitioning to renewable energy

One of the most significant ways housing associations like us are making an impact, is by transitioning to renewable energy sources. We have 100% renewable energy tariffs at our offices and in homes that are awaiting a new resident. We have some solar panels on rooftops, which generate clean energy or heat water on-site. This reduces carbon emissions and lowers energy costs for residents.

Energy efficiency at home

It’s not just the type of energy we use, it’s how much. All of us need to reduce our energy use going forward and we are helping residents by making homes energy efficient. We’re spending £60 million by 2050 to make homes easier to heat and more comfortable to live in. Use a smart meter to track your energy use and identify areas where you can save energy and money!

Community energy initiatives

Some housing associations are involved in community energy initiatives. These programs often involve local residents coming together to invest in renewable energy projects, such as community solar arrays or wind farms. The energy generated benefits the community and supports sustainability goals.

Tips for energy conservation

You can contribute by making your energy use more sustainable:

Use energy-efficient appliances: opt for appliances with high energy efficiency ratings when upgrading or replacing them.

Draught reduction: Use draught excluders around doors where needed.

Unplug and power down: Unplug chargers and devices when not in use, and turn off lights and electronics when leaving a room.

Explore renewable tariffs: Ask your energy provider about green tariffs and time of use tariffs.

Reduce water heating: Lower your water heater/boiler temperature.

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