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Dealing with damp, mould and condensation this winter

During this time of year, we know that damp, mould and condensation can become more of a problem in the home.

In last year’s winter edition of Connected we shared helpful advice and information on dealing with this, and since then we’ve worked hard on improving how we deal with cases of damp and mould.

Kevin McAllister, Head Of Asset Investment, said:

“We have been working hard to upskill and train our staff to diagnose and resolve cases of damp and mould.
We’ve employed a new damp and mould case manager who will provide a high level of support to residents.
We’re using new software to help us manage cases and are using our data to identify schemes where problems are more common.”

Your health and safety are our priority and making sure your home is in good condition is very important to us. Please remember that we will do everything we can to work with you if you’re having a problem with damp and mould.

What can you expect from us if you report a problem?

We will:

  • Attend promptly.
  • Carry out works to solve the cause of the problem (e.g. leaks, gutters).
  • Make further investigations if needed.
  • We can install and upgrade extractor fans if it will help the situation. We have already done this for a number of properties with great feedback from residents.
  • After the issue has been dealt with, we will call you afterwards or send someone to do an inspection to make sure the problem has been solved.

For more info on tackling issues like this, visit our page on damp, mould and condensation.

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