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Get to know…Hina Gillani

Hina Gillani is one of the newest members of Connect’s Service Improvement Forum (SIF).

She first got involved with tenant engagement projects after an initial phone call to Connect about planting flowers in the communal garden. After hearing the encouragement from staff, Hina began getting involved in projects like surveys and online focus groups. Now as a member of the SIF, Hina will be involved with Connect’s decision-making at the highest level alongside other residents.

Hina said:

I came from home office accommodation, a struggle of eight years in the asylum process… so it was totally shocking for me when I got a positive response from Connect!

When you hear the appreciation that really uplifts your spirits. It makes you motivated and makes you more excited to do something more for yourself and for your community.

Tenant Engagement Officer Oliver Jaques has been working closely with Hina. He said:

It’s been really interesting working with Hina, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. It’s been great watching her grow in confidence, and I hope that continues. It’s so important that residents’ voices continue to by Connected in forums like the SIF.

If you’d like to find out more about the ways you can get involved with Connect, contact The more people we hear from, the more we can improve your services.

Watch our interview with Hina below.

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