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Get involved with our Development Programme

Want to develop your skills and knowledge and learn more about social housing? Read on to get all the info from Epiphany Kidd, our Head of Customer and Community Services.

Thank you for showing an interest in taking part in the development programme – I really appreciate it. 

Epiphany Kidd, Head of Customer and Community Services

Epiphany Kidd, Head of Customer and Community Services

There are probably two questions in your mind that you want answered – what is this programme all about? And why is Connect doing it?

Taking the last first, I’ll explain why we have committed to providing this opportunity. There are three reasons: 

  • Residents who work with us in focus groups, forums, etc have told us there’s a lot to take in. It can feel intimidating and take a while to understand what’s going on  
  • We know that residents are the people best placed to help us make good decisions. We want to make sure you have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to be part of the team, so we can continue to provide great homes and services. 
  • Connect tenants can join our Board. We know that being a Board member can feel like a big leap for some, so we want to help bridge that gap. 

This programme is about building skills and knowledge and demystifying the world of social housing. 

There is a mixture of practical stuff about meetings, understanding reports and financial information – all of which is highly transferable to other roles. Then there’s stuff that’s specific to social housing and to Connect as an organisation – so you get to know about us and the environment we operate in. 

The modules are: 

  • Induction | Two half-day sessions to welcome you to the programme. We’ll look at what the Board does, what the Social Housing Regulator does, and the National Housing Federation’s Code of Conduct. 
  • Connect Places and People | A half-day in the office and half a day out and about looking at our homes. You’ll meet people and understand more about the types of homes we provide and where they are. 

The following are all two-hour sessions: 

  • Intro to Connect and Social Housing | Learn about Connect, our values and vision, alongside a brief overview of the history of social housing. 
  • Connect Finances | All about the finances behind Connect, how we manage our income and how we support residents to pay their rent. 
  • Health and Safety and Safeguarding | How health and safety impacts on the work we do and our approach to safeguarding adults and children. 
  • Human Resources and People Strategy | A look at our staff structure and our People Strategy, which is focused on creating an organisation that delivers great services and is a great place to work 
  • Customer Voice and Scrutiny | How the customer voice influences decision making at Connect 
  • Consumer Standards and Regulation | How the social housing sector is regulated. 
  • Housing and Neighbourhood Management | How Connect works alongside residents in neighbourhoods. 
  • Supported Housing and other support services |The range of support services and accommodation provided by Connect.  
  • Rents, Income Management and Money Matters | An in-depth look at how Connect sets its rents, collects income and works with residents to maximise their income. 
  • Repairs, Maintenance and Compliance | How homes are kept safe and well maintained. 

The expectation is that any participant in the programme will attend all modules, however if someone has commitments that would prevent this then Connect will work with the individual to find a way for the person to complete the programme.

I hope you are still as excited as I am about being involved in this programme, if you are please get in touch by calling us on 0300 5000 600 and asking for ‘Tenant Engagement’, emailing, or by filling in the form below!

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