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Many of our properties built prior to the year 2000 will have some materials that contain asbestos. Asbestos was widely used throughout the building industry so it’s in a lot of buildings built before the year 2000. It was completely banned in 1999 so any any buildings built after this will not contain asbestos.

There is no need to panic though, as many of the materials that may contain asbestos within your home are low risk, completely safe and in good condition. Not all of our properties have been surveyed for asbestos but we have surveyed each archetype. This means we have a good understanding of the materials our properties contain. We aim to have 100% of our housing stock surveyed by 2030.

Why is an asbestos survey so important?

The most important reason we carry out asbestos surveys is to keep you and those you may live with safe. Carrying out an asbestos survey identifies where asbestos may be located within a property and allows us to record this. That way we can work out what kind of asbestos it is and whether it poses any risk to you.

What can I expect during an asbestos survey?

There are 3 main types of survey carried out for asbestos:

  • Asbestos Management Survey – this is carried out on all properties to identify materials containing asbestos within the home.
  • Asbestos Refurbishment Survey – we do this survey before we do any major refurbishment works in your home.
  • Asbestos Demolition Survey – this is only carried out before a building is demolished.

We employ a company called Acorn Analytical to carry out asbestos surveys for us. Their surveyors are experienced and fully qualified to identify asbestos containing materials within your home.

They will arrange an appointment to visit your home and will either need access to every room or just where there are any planned works due to happen. They will take small samples of materials from discreet locations around your home and send them off to a lab to be tested for asbestos.

If they find any asbestos in unsafe or poor condition, access will be immediately restricted until it can be made safe. However, don’t worry, this is extremely rare.

Once the survey has been completed and the samples analysed they will send us an asbestos survey report. A brief summary of the findings will be sent to you after we have received it.

What about asbestos outside my home?

We have completed asbestos surveys on all of our shared communal spaces and where asbestos is present it is re-inspected on an annual basis to ensure that is safe and good condition.

What if asbestos needs removing from my home?

We employ a licensed asbestos removal contractor to remove asbestos from our properties if needed. They are qualified to do any removal works in completely safe and controlled conditions.

Most asbestos removal works are small scale and can be completed within the day whilst you are still at home. There may be a requirement for you to leave the property for a day or two for larger removal jobs but this will be very rare.

If this is the case, we will discuss this with you and cover any costs.

How do I know my property is safe to return after asbestos removal?

Most removal works involve removal of low risk materials from your home. These are things like floor tiles and textured coatings. Our licensed asbestos removal contractor will remove all low risk items and provide us with a statement of cleanliness.

Rest assured that following asbestos removal, your home will be perfectly safe.

We have an Asbestos Safety Policy which sets out what you can expect.

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