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Residents in Menston successfully secure funding

Residents in Menston have secured funding and support to install seating and a drying area at their home.

The residents first contacted Connect to highlight why they needed the new drying area. They explained how it would collectively save them money, reduce their energy usage and therefore carbon footprint, as well as minimising problems with condensation in residents’ flats, meaning they’re at less risk of damp and mould.

They also asked about a new seating area, particularly for the lighter and warmer months. It was important to them to have somewhere to come together, enjoy fresh air and the outdoors.

Connect supported them in filling out a Seed Funding application, which they were successful in. Work on the new seating will begin in the coming months.

Emily Dixon, Communities Officer, said: “We welcome all residents to get in touch with us about
making improvements to their communities. We can work with them to fill out funding applications and help link them with the right people at Connect to help make their ideas a reality.”

Reach out to the Community and Tenant Engagement team at gettinginvolved@ if you and your fellow residents have an idea for your properties.

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