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One of our key values is to earn trust through our actions, which means being authentic and transparent is important to us. By being open and honest with you we allow you to challenge us and can make sure that our services meet your needs. It’s important to us that you can hold us to account. By seeing how we are doing, you can also be confident that we are listening to what matters to you and making decisions in your best interests whilst keeping Connect running smoothly.

What are we going to do?

  • Make sure information is accessible, easy to find, reasonably up to date, accurate and easy to understand.
  • Provide information in different ways including our website, resident newsletter, social media and in printed form.
  • Make information available about our plans, decision-making, policies, service standards, and performance.
  • Provide information about how we are governed, our finances and how we achieve value for money.
  • Have a framework in place that enables customers to hold Connect to account (The Service Improvement Forum) on service delivery.
  • Have a framework in place to scrutinise aspects of service delivery (the Resident Scrutiny Panel).
  • The framework will include places on the Board for residents.
  • Respond to requests for information that is not routinely published (and not commercially or otherwise sensitive), in a way which is cost effective and proportionate.
  • Always act lawfully and comply with any requirements set by our regulators and commissioners.


You told us…

As part of the Connect Commitments consultation during April/May 2022-23, you told us about the information that is most important to you, the top three things are below:

You are most interested in…

In response we will…

How we perform on the maintenance and management of our homesStart to publish our self-assessments against the Regulator of Social Housing Consumer Standards, and how we are performing against our main performance targets.
What you tell us and how we act on what we hearPublish the annual ‘What Connect Resident’s Want’ Report that captures most of the feedback we receive about our services, and more information about what you tell us and how we have responded.
When planned works are due e.g., kitchen and bathroom upgradesPublish information on planned works programmes.


We have listened to all of the feedback received, and it is reflected in the framework set out below.


What you can expect from our transparency framework

Over the coming year we are working towards the following information being routinely accessible on the Connect website. We may also publish some information in the resident newsletter and on social media:

  • Connect's Board including members’ declared interests.
  • Connect's Leadership Team, including who is responsible for health and safety and for compliance with meeting the Regulator of Social Housing’s Consumer Standards.
  • Corporate Strategy and annual summaries of progress.
  • Composition of the Board, workforce, and customers by key protected characteristics compared to the local population.
  • Who we work with – investors, contractors, partners and in which communities.
  • Our Vital Statistics – information on how many homes we own, localities, average rents etc.
  • Annual Financial Statements, including our annual Value for Money self-assessment.
  • Board Members and Leadership team pay.
  • How we spend the income we receive from your rental income.
  • Summary of decisions made at Board meetings.
  • Feedback on what customers have told us and how we have taken views into account in making decisions.
  • 'What Connect Resident’s Want Annual Report' and more information on what you tell us and how we have responded. We will include where we learn from when things have gone wrong.
  • Minutes of the Service Improvement Forum, our strategic engagement forum.
  • Policies that impact on customers e.g., Fire Safety Policy, Tenancy Policy, Lettings Policy, Rent and Service Charge Policy, Privacy Statement.
  • Connect's Corporate Annual Report.
  • Planned works programmes.
  • Performance against our service promises (Connect Commitments).
  • Annually, how we are performing against key targets and measures e.g. on customer satisfaction and on against the Regulator's new Tenant Satisfaction Measures when they are introduced.
  • Self-assessment of compliance with the Housing Ombudsman Service Code.
  • Summary of our customer profile and access to services in the 'Annual Tenant Baseline and Service Provision Report'.
  • Self-assessments against all regulatory standards.
  • Regulatory judgements made by the Regulator of Social Housing.
  • How we are working in neighbourhoods, including publishing Neighbourhood Plans.
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.
  • Fire Risk Assessments of the building the resident is living in
  • Rent account information and rent statements for the tenancy or a former tenancy
  • All personal data that we hold on the customer making the request
  • We will endeavour to provide the information requested within 30 days.

We will participate in the Access to Information scheme once it is launched, but this is not expected to be for at least another year or two, as it requires legislative change and consultation with housing associations. 

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