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The story of Connect Housing

Connect was created in 2006 when Leeds-based The Ridings housing association merged with West Yorkshire Housing Association, which was based in Kirklees and Calderdale.

The merger brought together two like-minded, purpose-driven housing associations who both, in their own ways, had a strong commitment to communities and a drive for good-quality supported housing.

They shared a clear social purpose, which is something that Connect has always valued and continues to build upon.

Stronger together

As one association, Connect Housing has been able to do so much more, growing its services, employing more local people and building much-needed homes across West Yorkshire.

But it has never lost sight of its legacy, and today Connect prides itself on having its heart in the local communities, working as a key strategic partner to local authorities and other public services.

Everything is connected

Our very name, Connect, is our way of showing that we believe everything in life is connected. Homes, people, places, wellbeing and the environment all play vital parts in us all enjoying happy and healthy lives. The purpose of our work, and the partnerships we have built over time, span all these elements to help us build a better society.

Building much more than homes

We don’t just build homes and neighbourhoods – we also build trust, relationships, partnerships, futures and abilities. Everything we do is about connecting people to create opportunities. We’re driven by our values to be a strong community anchor in what are often unpredictable times.

Great to work with

Our clear social purpose draws people and other organisations to work with us. We’re open, inclusive, friendly and creative, with a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to everything we do. We engage with customers as equals and embrace technology to deliver affordable homes and convenient, reliable services for everyone. We listen, we learn and we do what we say.

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