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As a social housing landlord, we have ‘local offers’ called our Connect Commitments. They are promises to our residents on the basic level of service they can expect from us in 3 key areas.

After consulting residents and reviewing them in 2023/24, there are now 3 Connect Commitments. Each of them has a clear set of promises that we measure. We report our findings to our residents body, the Service Improvement Forum (SIF), and our board, looking for ways we can improve the way we are delivering these services.

You can read each of the Connect Commitments below 

Click the drop down menus below to find out why these areas are important to residents.

Residents told us that the planned works we do to maintain and improve the standard of their home was important to them. Planned works are a bit different to day-to-day repairs. They include boiler/heater servicing, fire safety maintenance, painting, or replacements for your kitchen, bathroom, doors and windows.

Residents told us that repairs and maintenance are the most important thing to them. As a landlord, our job is to provide them with a safe and affordable home. Our repairs and maintenance service is an important part of this, so it needs to work efficiently, whilst being cost-effective. The way we communicate with them is also essential to this service. We must be clear and accurate, listen to them when something is wrong, and be proactive in resolving issues they have.

Residents told us it’s important that they get value from the services they pay for. This means that they feel the rent they pay - and any charges on top of it - contribute to a level of service they’re happy with. When it comes to estate services such as gardening, cleaning and more, they want costs to be kept to a minimum without compromising on quality. They also want to understand how their rent money is being spent.

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