Connect is committed to improving our places by tackling anti-social behaviour.

We use the following definition of anti-social behaviour – nuisance and anti-social behaviour is a general term to describe behaviour that unreasonably interferes with other peoples’ use and enjoyment of their home.

Our objective is to ensure that we meet our obligations to deal effectively with anti-social behaviour, adopt the best of current good practice with regard to managing anti-social behaviour and respond promptly and consistently to reports of anti-social behaviour.

To ensure that we can offer a flexible approach to the management of anti-social behaviour, we ensure that the services offered by our Neighbourly Places Team and are supplemented by services from a variety of other teams within and outside the organisation.

Steps to take to address anti-social behaviour:

– Try to have a talk with your neighbours first if possible.

– Report anti-social behaviour to Connect Housing.

– Report anti-social behaviour to the Police if criminal activity is taking place.

Report Anti-Social Behaviour

Our housing services advisors will take a brief summary of the anti-social behaviour in order to triage & investigate in more detail.

Call our housing services advisors – 0300 5000 600.