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If you report antisocial behaviour then you have a right to know how it is being dealt with. We have something in place called the ‘Community Trigger’ process, which outlines this.

To check in on how your anti-social behaviour case is being dealt with you can request a review. You’ll find details about this process below.

How to request a Community Trigger review?

You can request a review through your local authority.

What happens in a review?

Your local authority will take details from you to check if your case can trigger a review. They will check with all the necessary partners (housing, Police, NHS etc.) whether appropriate action has been taken. They could also make recommendations to improve the situation.

They may also investigate your report if it includes any of the following:

  • Continuous antisocial behaviour.
  • Suffering from harm from antisocial behaviour.
  • Concern over how your antisocial behaviour report has been dealt with.

Note: your most recent report of anti-social behaviour must have been made within a month of the incident happening for a review to be triggered.

Who can request a review?

Anyone who has reported anti-social behaviour can request a review. If you have made up to 3 reports of antisocial behaviour in the last 6 months then you can request a Community Trigger review (but this may differ based on where you live – check your local authority website at one of the links below).

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