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Together we can address problems

We want you to live in a safe and neighbourly place where you can put down roots and build a happy and successful life.

But we know that sometimes problems crop up and a small minority of people spoil things for others through their noisy, disruptive, or sometimes, criminal behaviour.

Helping you deal with problems

Most of the time, problems can be solved quite simply with a quick conversation or letter.

We know people are sometimes nervous about addressing issues directly, so we’ve created an example letter.

If you’ve tried to resolve the problem and it hasn’t worked, follow the guidance below.

Where can I find more support?

We recognise that anti-social behaviour, nuisance, and harassment can have a real detrimental effect on people’s lives – while some may consider it to be normal behaviour and can overlook it, for others it may be more impactful.

If the issue is having a negative impact on your day-to-day life, you need to tell your Community Housing Officer. Let them know how you are feeling so they have all the information needed to manage the case and get the right support in place for you while the issue is ongoing.

If you are unsure about raising the issue, follow the steps below.

  • Seek an opinion from a trusted friend or family member. Ask them if you think you are being reasonable or are being too sensitive to the situation.
  • Your doctor or practice nurse may also be able to offer assistance.

Alternatively, if your complaint is about a specific issue, try one of the agencies below.

To report a crime

Contact West Yorkshire Police on 101 or via their website’s Live Chat

Local Authority ASB and Nuisance guidance

Local Authority Noise guidance

Other support

To report safeguarding concerns

Contact us via the form here.

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