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Young people at Hollinbank and Swan Lane achieve places at university

Two residents of Connect’s young people’s accommodation services at Hollinbank and Swan Lane recently found out they had got a place at university. After leaving their homes and coming to live in Connect’s accommodation services due to challenging situations, they were thrilled to hear the news.

Amber, 19, said:

I came to live here after I had a difficult time living at home with my parents.

I’m going to be going to the University of York to study interactive media which is a degree that’s mostly web design-based with game design and learning VR.

It was really easy to live while looking to go to uni because I knew it was a secure place…I’m mostly looking forward to the actual studying part! I just want to study, be able to work really hard, and get into a good career and have a stable life past that.

Staff at Hollinbank and Swan Lane support the young people there to become independent when it comes to all aspects of living alone. Joanne Gardner, a housing support coach at Hollinbank, said:

My role is to get them tenancy ready and ready for leaving the accommodation here. So, make sure they’re ok with cooking, budgeting, mental health support, going out for lunch, shopping, and being a bit of a buddy in a way for some of them.

Amber came to us a few months ago. She’s been really, really independent – she’s practically done everything herself. She’s been adamant that she’s going to get herself there and she has. She’s done absolutely fantastic. She’s an amazing young girl.

Connect wishes both of them good luck!

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