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What is the Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding?

The Government has released details of the ‘Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding’, to support people who pay their energy bills via a service charge.

Last year, to combat the increased cost-of-living, the Government announced the Energy Bills Support Scheme. Every household registered for their own electricity supply was entitled to a total of £400, paid over monthly instalments, from September 2022.

Unfortunately, this payment wasn’t given to Connect residents who pay for electricity through a service charge, as they didn’t have their own direct electricity supply.

The Government promised to make sure residents who pay their energy costs to a landlord or housing manager would not miss out, and they’ve now released details of the scheme.

The ‘Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding’ allows those affected to claim £400 towards the cost of their energy bills.

The scheme is live now and applications can only be made online via the website.

Before you start you will need:

  • to be registered for Council Tax at your address.  If you are not registered for Council Tax you will need to upload proof of address (such as a full, current driving licence or tenancy agreement).
  • an email address on phone number.
  • your bank account details (a UK current account in your name).

Please note that this is a Government scheme administered by the local authority. Connect has no influence on the outcome of any decisions or payments. There is a helpline number on the website if you need to get in touch with them directly: 0808 175 3287

Our Money Matters team is also on hand to help, if you need any assistance with the application please contact us.

Please note that the scheme will close on May 31, 2023.

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