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West Yorkshire Housing Partnership Annual Report Launched

The report takes a look back on the first year of the partnership and sets out plans to put housing at the front and centre of the region’s plans.

As the housing sector continues to feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the partnership and its members made big strides throughout 2021, securing over 2,000 new affordable homes for the region. Their work with the newly elected Mayor, Tracy Brabin, has helped them put housing at the centre of the region’s plans and are looking forward to strengthening their relationship and delivering on their common goals of building more homes and tackling climate change.
On the climate emergency, they began the important process of reviewing the energy efficiency of their housing stock and putting building blocks in place to start taking big steps in improving this. In regenerating local areas, they completed a number of successful projects that repurposed old buildings and provide new homes. The future of the partnership is bright and they plan to build on their achievements this year.
Helen Lennon said:
We’ve already secured over 2,000 affordable homes for West Yorkshire, and we have plans in place to deliver thousands more over the current mayoral term.
We’re going to build on the strong foundations we’ve put in place over the last year, and we look forward to continuing to work with the mayor to help her achieve her pledges. We’ll also continue to harness the benefits from our longstanding working relationships with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Local Authorities to deliver even more.
It’s going to be a busy year, but we’re really excited at the energy and commitment that has developed since the partnership was formed. We’ll continue to place housing front and centre in the plans for West Yorkshire.
Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire said:
As someone who grew up in a council flat in Birstall, I understand the value of a safe, affordable and secure home. That’s why I’m committed to delivering 5000 affordable and sustainable homes over my mayoral term.
The report launched today highlights all the fantastic work being done by the West Yorkshire Housing Partnership and I’m really proud to support their ambitious and much-needed work. By working together, we can ensure the housing sector meets the needs of the people of West Yorkshire; and I look forward to developing an inclusive housing strategy that works for everyone across our region.

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