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We’re surveying your homes soon

We’re surveying some of your properties soon and need your cooperation and support to carry them out.

We have appointed Michael Dyson Associates Ltd to undertake some surveys on the condition and energy performance of our homes. Each home is surveyed every few years and you may have received a letter saying that yours is one which will need to be inspected this year.

The survey will take roughly 20 minutes and will include looking at the heating appliances, kitchens, bathrooms and external fabric such as wall and roof coverings and windows. The information we get from these surveys will be really useful as it will help us to plan, prioritise and budget for any repairs and energy efficiency improvements we need to make to your homes.

If you’ve received a letter about this, there are details on how you can arrange an appointment at a time that suits you. Bare in mind that if the contractor is in the area, they’ll give you a knock to see if you’re in.

**Should you or any of you family members have, or display symptoms of, Covid-19, please call the number below so we can inform the surveyor not to visit. Likewise, if you or any member of your household is clinically vulnerable or clinically extremely vulnerable, please contact us through one of the methods below and the surveyor will be informed not to call.**

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