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We are backing ‘Starts At Home’ to raise awareness of vital support

On Friday 3 September, we join housing organisations across the UK to raise awareness about the vital work being carried out to help people live safe, secure and independent lives.

Starts At Home‘ is a national campaign, run by the National Housing Federation, to showcase the value of supported housing and the impact it is having on people’s lives.

Established five years ago in response to potential funding cuts in supported housing, the campaign brings together support and housing providers to tell the stories of those who dedicate their lives to helping others, and those who find themselves in a moment of their life that they need to call on some extra help.

At Connect, we understand that not everyone starts from the same place or has the same advantages, and sometimes people need a helping hand.

We work alongside local authorities, health commissioners and specialist support providers and are proud of the life-changing work carried out by our colleagues, and our customers.

Our services span homelessness, domestic abuse, addictions, mental health, learning disabilities, and dementia, and include working for Engage Leeds and Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership.

We also have expert teams to help people manage their income, develop their home skills, and build their confidence to pursue education, training and employment.

David Bagnall, Connect’s senior manager of wellbeing and support, said “‘Starts At Home’ brings people together to remind policymakers and influencers of the critical services that supported housing organisations deliver to society.

“A safe home is the foundation for life, there is no doubt. But we don’t just offer homes, we offer vital support, and not just to Connect residents but to people across our communities. It is the support they need to live healthily and happily.

“People need different help at different times in their lives. It might be a teenager leaving care, a single parent who has just been made redundant or an elderly person showing the signs of dementia and frailty. Our services extend beyond a roof over your head and a key to your door, and not everyone realises that about housing associations.

“That is why campaigns like Starts At Home are important in building understanding about what we do, and why we do it.”

Throughout the day, Connect will be sharing stories from support workers and residents.


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