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Top 30 Sustainable Housing Providers

For Connect Housing, being sustainable isn’t just about good business, it’s about doing the right thing.

We are delighted that our commitment to the green agenda has been acknowledged, alongside some of the most innovative and driven housing organisations in the UK, in a Top 30 of Sustainable Housing Providers, published by Digital Housing.

Our Sustainability Strategy is aligned to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals and is an ambitious plan to reach net zero carbon as quickly as possible.

Emma Gilbank, Connect’s Sustainability Projects Officer, said:

“We wanted to set aspirational targets ahead of national and local goals, acknowledging the urgency of the climate emergency.

“With this in mind, we developed a strategy which was as ambitious as possible; we wanted the best-case scenario of what we thought we could achieve, in order, to show our commitment.”

Strategy headlines include:

  • Getting as close to net zero as we can manage and choosing installation of onsite renewables for our residents to offset any remaining emissions where possible; this ensures that our communities benefit as much as possible.
  • All home Energy Performance Certificates above a C-rating by 2025.
  • No gas boiler installations beyond 2022.
  • Design and gain approval for sustainable new build and retrofit specifications.
  • Sustainable communities through tenant engagement.
  • Adaptations where necessary.
  • Improve our green spaces to address the biodiversity crisis and reduce flood risk.
  • Support the transition to sustainable travel and flexible working.

Housing Digital has compiled a list of Top 30 Sustainable Housing Providers to prove that the housing sector is more than up to the climate challenge. It wrote:

“All providers on this list have shown a genuine commitment to the green agenda, actively communicating with staff and residents to keep them informed and engaged every step of the way. They have gone above and beyond to improve the sustainability of their housing stock and their own organisation, whether that’s through retrofitting, using renewable sources of energy, or buiding homes to net-zero standards.

“The climate crisis is real – but if this list has revealed anything, it’s that the UK housing sector will do whatever it takes to keep it in check.”

In considering the work of Connect, the judges commented:

“Focus on just transition is great, and a really broad view of sustainability. Clear and fresh drive and supporting other organisations in the region. Some very clear goals which are ahead of requirements such as phasing out gas boilers earlier, and EPC C sooner than 2030. Clear plan over the next three years, and a big focus on driving policy.”

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