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Residents’ voices to be heard alongside COP26 this November

A great opportunity for social housing residents across the UK to have their voice heard on climate change is coming up on 9th November.

The world’s eyes will turn to Glasgow this November as the UK hosts the COP26 climate negotiations. The Carbon Literacy Project, an organisation that teaches people across the globe about climate change, carbon footprints and how you can do your bit, are hosting a variety of Focus Days over the course of the conference to highlight our work with different sectors.

They are currently working closely with social housing providers across the country like Connect to support them in delivering Carbon Literacy training to staff and leadership teams. To celebrate COP26 and showcase the important work they do with social housing providers, they will be hosting an important event – Social Housing Focus Day

on Tuesday 9th November 2021.

They have recently launched the Carbon Literacy Toolkit for Social Housing to ensure training is more accessible to organisations who are unsureor tentative to roll out Carbon Literacy training to their staff. One of the core themes of the Social Housing Toolkit course is climate justice, highlighting the important role that social housing providers can play in addressing social inequalities in the UK alongside reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and improving living standards for customers. It is in this spirit that we are organising an event on the Social Housing Focus Day for social tenants and customers to attend.

The event will be an inclusive conversation, giving a platform for residents to share their experiences and concerns around the climate and housing. The benefits of are threefold: Voices will be heard, channels of collaboration, cooperation and engagement be opened, and their work to provide supporting tools, skills and networks for sector-wide progress in addressing the challenges of climate change will be strengthened.

If you’re a Connect resident that cares about climate change or simply want to get more active when on this issue, then this event will be perfect for you. It’s an amazing opportunity to be involved in a real and important conversation about your housing and how it is impacting the climate and most of all, it’s somewhere for your voice to be heard.

If you want to get involved in this event, click here.

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