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Residents bring about important changes to Connect

A group of residents recently looked at one of Connect’s services in detail to help improve it on their terms.

They did this by joining one of Connect’s regular ‘scrutiny reviews’, where residents take a deep dive into a service and make recommendations on improvements that can be made.

After reaching out to fellow residents, they decided on the service they wanted to look at for this year’s review – Expressions of Dissatisfaction (EODs).

What are EODs?

It’s important that Connect gathers, analyses and listens to feedback that isn’t part of the formal complaint process. They do this by logging EODs where they think a resident is dissatisfied with the service they have received.

What did the Scrutiny Panel Find?

Internally, Connect can do more to train staff and make EODs part of the organisational culture.

What will Connect be doing?

As a result of the Panel’s work, Connect will be taking on 5 of their recommendations:

  • Introduce reporting on EODs.
  • Use more communication channels to log EODs (social media, conversations with staff etc.).
  • Add new residents to the system as soon as they join Connect, so EODs can be logged.
  • Inform staff of what happens to EODs after they are recorded.
  • Develop a staff guide for logging EODs.

If you think you would be interested in being involved in the next scrutiny review, get in touch with Connect’s tenant engagement team at

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