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Connect issues update on COVID-19 situation as restrictions are lifted

For the past 16 months, our lives have all been turned upside down by the Coronavirus pandemic but on 19th July 2021 all COVID-19 legal restrictions in England were lifted as we start to return to a more normal way of life.

Moving towards the end of the pandemic is welcome but the number of cases of the virus is significantly rising so the government is still urging us to be cautious. We are heeding this advice and will continue to take simple measures to do what we can keep our customers and our employees safe.

Therefore, although legal restrictions are changing, we will for the time being be continuing with the following safety measures we’ve had in place over the last year for the time being;

  • We will still be encouraging our office-based staff to work from home wherever possible
  • Our offices will remain closed to the public, and we’ll use alternative ways to meet with you such as video calls, phone calls and outdoor meetings wherever possible
  • We’ll continue to wear face masks and use other important items of PPE when we are in crowded spaces and in customers homes
  • We’ll maintain social distance measures where we can, and encourage you do too
  • We’ll wash our hands more frequently and for at least 20 seconds, and we’ll ventilate the areas that we work in.

The success of the vaccine roll-out has seen the number of cases requiring hospital treatment fall and we urge everyone over the age of 18 to get both jabs as soon as they are able to. Nevertheless, hospital admissions are increasing again. Throughout the pandemic, one of our guiding principles is that we work in a way that protects the NHS so, whilst we are looking forward to the time that we can relax these measures, we feel it is important to take a little bit longer to look after each other. We are grateful for your ongoing support.

Despite the end of the pandemic drawing closer, Connect, like many other organisations is being impacted by the increasing number of cases that are being reported.  We have seen an increase in the number of employees who need to self-isolate due to COVID alerts or symptoms  and this can affect staffing levels at re short notice.  This may mean that our services are impacted over the coming weeks for for which we apologise.  We’ll do our very best to get back up to a full service as quickly as we can.

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