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Which famous British author did not like Leeds?

Charles Dickens. On one of his many tours around the country to read extracts from his works, Dickens described Leeds as an ‘odious place’ (a fancy word for not nice!).

The oldest film in existence was filmed in Leeds, but where did it take place?

Roundhay Park. Louis Le Prince, a French artist and inventor, filmed the ‘Roundhay Garden Scene’ in the park in 1888.

Famous for getting out of sticky situations, which performer almost died locked in a cask of ale when he came to the city in 1911?

Houdini. Harry Houdini famously tried to escape from a cask of Tetley’s Ale when he visited the city but had to be rescued when he failed to escape the padlocked barrel.

Who mistook Leeds for Liverpool whilst opening some city centre gardens in their name?

Nelson Mandela. Visiting the city in 2001 after being made an honorary freeman of the city of Leeds, Mandela mistakenly said to a crowd of 5,000: “I have already thanked the people of Liverpool for the honour of being a citizen of this famous city”.

Europe’s longest running West Indian Carnival takes place every year in Chapeltown and throughout the city. What year did it begin?

1967. The carnival has been running since this year, before the Notting Hill Carnival. On every bank holiday weekend, Chapeltown comes to life, full of colour, music and energy as dancers weave their way through the streets before finishing up with a party.

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