Our community housing officers are part of our neighbourly places service which supports local places to solve problems themselves & create places where people want to live.

We visit your area regularly to find out what is important to you and your community, as well as carry out home visits, discuss tenancy matters and help with estate inspections.

Our plan in your area are created in response to the conversations we am having with the communities and people we meet. The Community Housing Officers have been working with you to develop neighbourhood plans that focus on what is important to you. We look forward to continuing our work to create projects in your area.

Neighbourhood Plans

Please see the below for our neighbourhood plans.

Neighbourhood Plan – Leeds North – Jas Panesar
Neighbourhood Plan – Leeds East – Hannah Faulkner
Neighbourhood Plan – Leeds West – Sharon Malone
Neighbourhood Plan – Kirklees North – Alan Metcalfe
Neighbourhood Plan – Huddersfield & Calderdale – Gemma Thompson