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About Connect Residents' Federation

The Connect Residents’ Federation is an independent group of residents who represent the views of tenants. They offer important feedback on changes to our policies and help influence our services, by making sure tenants’ voices are heard and listened to.


Members of the federation come together at a series of meetings throughout the year to talk about matters affecting tenants, share their views on Connect services and work in partnership with staff to continually review and, where necessary, improve the services and opportunities they receive.

Our tenants, and our CRF members, are as much a part of the Connect family as our staff and are integral in making sure we deliver the right services, in the right way.

The more tenants who become involved in our work, the better it is for us all, so we will always welcome new members.

Benefits of joining the CRF

  • You get a broad view of what is happening in Connect
  • You get to share ideas for improvements to services
  • You take part in important consultations
  • You have the opportunity to represent Connect at tenant events
  • You know that your input directly influences the work of Connect
  • You learn new skills and grow in confidence

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