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Have your say and help shape the future promises for residents

Back in 2010 we held an event called The Big Ask consulting a group of about 50 residents about what ‘local offers’ they would like to see and what they wanted to see from us. This created the Connect Commitments (CC’s) but what are they?

There are 9 CC’s and you can take a look at them here but essentially they outline the things that are important to you as a resident and how we are committed to them.

We’ve been looking back at them regularly over the years and keeping them up to date. We’ve also been seeing how well we’re doing against the promise and make sure to let you know how we’re doing in our Residents Report.

One thing we’ve found recently is that not enough of you are aware of them and many of you would like to see us focus on some other things, like trust and respect.

So, we’ve decided it’s about time we changed the way the Connect Commitments work for you, our residents. Why?

  • It’s important to always look back at what you do and why
  • The world has really changed!
  • We need make sure the CC’s really reflect your concerns, thoughts and feelings

But there’s one final piece of the puzzle… we need you! As part of this review we want to listen to what you think we should do with the CC’s so now is the time to get in touch and get involved.

If you would like to get involved then please contact the Tenant Engagement team via or via 0300 5000 600 if you’d prefer to give us a call.

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