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Opportunities to get involved

From consulting over new policies, to scrutinising our services, we offer lots of chances for tenants to give their opinions and share their ideas on the services we offer them.

Our Tenant Engagement Strategy shows how we will properly listen to what tenants are telling us, and use feedback from our interactions, to understand what matters most.

We will use this valuable insight to come up with better ways of working.

Central to our strategy are some clear promises:

  • that tenant voices are heard at all levels
  • that what is heard and understood is translated into actions that improve
    services and better outcomes for tenants and communities
  •  that tenants can hold us to account

Ways to get involved

From time to time, we will carry out in-depth consultations when we will go to tenants and invite them to give us their views on a particular project we are working on.

Every year we like to bring as many residents together in a big conference. It is our opportunity to share our news and information with you. It is also a great chance for people to come together, make new friends and contacts and share experiences as a Connect resident.

We have set up a group of interested tenants to help us consult widely when policies are reviewed. As a member of the policy panel, you don't need to attend any meetings, and will be invited to spare whatever time you can.

We have a Connect Scrutiny Panel which is an independent group of tenant volunteers drawn from the Connect Residents' Federation.

They are given direct access to everything they need to carry out resident-led scrutiny of our different services.

This might include reviewing documents, interviewing staff or consulting with other tenants.

Once their investigation is complete, the panel will present a report of their findings and recommendations.
The aim is to provide useful information, as a critical friend, and constructively support Connect in improving its tenant services.

Current consultations

Take a look here for any current consultations you might want to help us with. Click on the link and it will take you to more information.

There are no current consultations

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