Do you share Connect’s values and social purpose and want to influence what we do?

As a Connect tenant or leaseholder you could bring valuable insight to the Connect Board.

The current Board is made up of 12 Board Members, they come from a range of backgrounds and have a range of skills and expertise, and provide the strategic leadership of the association. Each Board Member, including any tenant and leaseholder Board Member, is an independent member bringing their own skills, experience, views and influence to the Board.

The role of a Board member is a fascinating and rewarding one. Many Board Members stay on the Board for years, though the usual term is 3 years up to a maximum of 9 years.

We do not expect anyone joining the Board to be a fully formed Board Member when they first join us. We provide a full induction into the business and Board Member role, provide opportunities to observe Board Meetings; and offer support throughout including training and personal development opportunities. As well as it being an opportunity to learn about all aspects of the business and to influence strategic decisions; being a Board Member is a great addition to a CV for anyone who is job hunting. Board Members put a lot of energy, time and commitment into the business, and so we want to make sure Board Members to get something back in return. We guarantee that you will learn and develop personally and professionally as well as feeling the intrinsic reward of making a difference to the success of Connect.

Board Members usually spend around 1-2 days per month on Connect business. The full Board meets 6 times a year with meetings in either in Leeds or Dewsbury, and two sub-committees meet 6 times a year. Whilst Board Members are not paid for their time, we do reimburse any reasonable out of pocket expenses.

If you are interested in finding out more about joining the Board please contact Christine Fox at for an informal chat, or to let us know if you would like to come along to an informal get together where you will be able to find out more and ask any questions you might have.