COVID-19 Update

On 10 May the Government outlined changes to their advice to help control the COVID-19 virus. This has included encouraging people who cannot work from home to return to the workplace.

How does this affect the service Connect offers to you?

At this stage very little, as many of our colleagues can work from home and the Government advice is that they should continue to do so.  We can still take your calls and answer your emails from home.  Over the past few weeks staff, working from home, have called every single tenant and client of Connect to check if you need any additional help from us.  We have been providing that help, especially with benefit claims and access to emergency supplies.  Not all of our work can be done from home and so, throughout this period, we have been attending to urgent and emergency situations, including repairs, where we can do so safely.

Our primary concern is to do everything we can to keep our customers and our employees safe, and for the time being, the advice remains that if you can, you should stay at home.

The virus has not gone away and so it is clear that returning to a more normal way of life will take some time with twists and turns along the way.  Planning for this is quite complicated.

We are awaiting more detailed guidance from the Government, which is expected over the coming days. This will help inform the plans we have prepared to restart some services that we have had to suspend over the last few weeks, such as non-urgent repairs you may have reported and lettings.  In the meantime, for the latest information on how our services are affected, please visit

We appreciate your understanding and ask for your continued patience as the situation continues to unfold

We would also encourage you to stay safe by staying at home as much as possible and limiting contact between different households.