Coronovirus and Rent Payments

The current situation is unprecedented and as such many of you will be faced with challenging situations, either through self-isolation, reduced working hours or temporary or permanent loss of employment. This will inevitably have a knock on effect on your financial situation and your ability to pay your rent.

Rental incomes pays for the services that we provide now and in the future and so it is important that as many people continue to pay their rent in full as possible. However, we understand that for the next few months some of you may have difficulties in doing this.

Please contact us immediately if you are going to struggle to pay your rent. We have always taken a flexible and supportive approach to working with those who face financial hardship and eviction is always a last resort. We will not evict anyone at this time due to rent arrears.

If you are directly affected by the Coronavirus we can help give advice and support on the options available.

Our Money Matters Team can help you (over the phone) by offering:
• help to apply for any benefits you may be entitled to
• help in managing changes in your income
• access to food bank vouchers
• help link you to additional support
• access to a hardship payment in an emergency

Contact us by email, via the website or on 0300 5000 600 or by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page.. Don’t delay – the sooner you face this the better we can help you.

If you have to self isolate and are unable to get out to pay your rent we have many ways you can pay your rent whilst being in the home.
Full details are on our website.
Further details on Coronovirus and claiming benefits can also be found on the government website

Coronavirus and claiming benefits