Connect is upgrading its look!

In the coming months, you will begin to see a new look to Connect.  We’re introducing a new brand and an exciting new logo.

The changes are part of a bigger and exciting transformational programme that we need to complete to ensure we are fit and ready for the future.  We’ve been changing behind the scenes for several years including moving and refurbishing offices and installing new computer systems that are equipped to make the most of the digital world we live in.  We’ve also been busy fixing lots of processes that we’re not working as well as the could and updating our long term strategy, vision and goals.

We had planned to roll out the new branding earlier this year, but our focus has quite rightly been on the COVID outbreak since the start of 2020.  Right now, that is where we need to continue to place our efforts so it will be a while yet before you see us making the changes throughout the organisation.

But we wanted to reassure you that where you do see the new logo, it is still Connect.  We are still the same, we’re just going to look a bit different on  the outside.

We’ll be telling you lots more about the changes we are going through, including our new Brand in the coming months.