Connect Commitments Suspended – Policy Updates.

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, we have had to suspend the Connect Commitments for the time being. This means that we are making some changes to our formal policies. We appreciate that this might cause some concern but, as always, we are working to minimise disruption and delays. Please review the following information to see how this might affect you. Please do remember you can still contact us through the usual channels if you have questions or need any support.

Tel:0300 5000 600           Email:


Aids and Adaptations

Both Connect and the Council are unable to carry out any adaptation work at the moment, apart from in exceptional circumstances.

Anti-Social Behaviour 

We are still responding to ASB complaints with the usual process, although some aspects may be remote rather than in person.

Buying/Renting/Moving House

Although the same procedures are in place, please be aware that there may be delays. Progress will be communicated to you throughout. There may be exceptional cases where work will take place after you move into a property due to government regulations.


As you will know we are not currently able to carry out visits as usual. Instead Housing Liaison Officers and Customer Care are available via phone. Additionally, Community Housing Officers are carrying out welfare checks by phone. Please check our social media channels and website for general updates.


All complaints will now be dealt with within 28 days.

Gas and Carbon Monoxide Safety

Checking the safety of your boilers remains an essential activity and so we might request access to your home. We will be respecting social distancing rules at all times. If we call to arrange a visit, please inform us if you are self-isolating and we will arrange a time following the 14 day period.

Repairs & Maintenance

We are only able to undertake emergency works at the moment. All other work required will be logged and progressed when government guidelines are changed. In the event of emergency works, please inform us if you are self-isolating.

Service Charges

Currently unchanged, however, Connect will be monitoring ability to deliver services and how service charges might be impacted.

We remain open and committed to supporting our customers however we can.