Connect and ‘Lock down 2’

As you will be aware, all part of England were placed into a new lockdown for a period of four weeks from 5th November 2020.

Connect has reviewed the latest guidelines to understand any impacts on the way in which we are working.  We can confirm that the new lock down measures will not have a significant impact on the way in which we have already adapted to working safely around COVID;

  • Our offices remain closed to the public with the majority of our colleagues working from home wherever possible.
  • We are avoiding face to face contact wherever possible and will communicate with you in different ways such as video calls if required.
  • Our Technicians will still attempt to complete repairs over this period.  Due to the impact that COVID is having on everyone, there will be disruption and delays due to people isolating and being unable to work.  It is likely we will also experience disruption in our supply chains and contractors.

In view of the disruption that the lock down and increasing numbers of people impacted by COVID is having, we would ask to you to refrain from raising issues or repairs that are not urgent or essential.  If the matter can wait until a more normal way of working resumes, we would appreciate your support.  This will allow us to focus on those matters that are the most urgent.

The new lock down, comes at the end of a long year where there has been significant disruption for everyone.  Connect is here to help you.  If you need support during this period, please contact us.