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Tackling damp this winter

Damp and mould are a big problem for all of us, especially this time of year.

With energy prices rising and the weather turning colder, it can seem impossible to keep a home warm and well ventilated at the same time.

Everyday activities like showering and air-drying clothes create moisture in your home, and without proper ventilation this will lead to condensation – the most common type of damp.

Left unchecked, condensation on walls and windows can cause mould to grow.

While there are many causes of damp – and some are impossible to avoid – here are some small things you can do to keep your house as dry as possible.

A window with condensation

  • Always use your extractor fan in the kitchen and in bathrooms.
  • Close doors and open the window when cooking or showering.
  • Leave a small gap between furniture and external walls.
  • Open bedroom windows for 5-10 minutes when you get up.
  • On cold mornings, wipe condensation from your windows.
  • Try to maintain an even temperature in your home throughout the day.

Keeping all the rooms in your home heated to at least 15 degrees will reduce the risk of damp settling in.

We know that there are other types of damp aside from condensation, and that some problems are a result of issues with the property itself, such as leaking pipes, faulty guttering or a slipped roof tile.

If you suspect there’s any issue with your property that’s affecting your home, especially if that issue could be causing damp, please let us know by calling 0300 5000 600.

We take our responsibility as your landlord very seriously and we’ll do our best to get our friendly repair team out to you as soon as possible

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