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Meet our new Estates team

We’re so excited to welcome our new Estates Maintenance team to Connect.

The team will be handling all the gardening and cleaning across our estates from now on.

Previously our gardening and cleaning service was supplied by contractors, and we know it wasn’t as good or reliable as it could have been – with some services disrupted over the summer.

Now we’ve brought the team in-house so they’re directly employed by us. As a result, you can expect a reliable service that delivers much better value for money.

The team also has a new management system in place, meaning that residents will know exactly when to expect them, with post-work checks ensuring the work is completed to the highest standard.

The cleaning team is already up and running with their schedule, while the gardening team is clearing sites for winter and getting ready to start groundwork next season.

Estate Maintenance Manager Steve Cusworth praised all the new members of staff, saying: “Everyone we’ve employed has got the Connect ethos. They care. They know every plan. They’re very, very knowledgeable, have a great work ethic and they’re nice people. We’ve already been getting great feedback from residents.”

Neighbourhood Services Manager Helen Gallimore also welcomed the team: “Community housing officers have listened to residents and we’re really aware of the unhappiness around the way some cleaning and gardening services were disrupted over the summer. We’re really pleased the team is now in-house so we can offer a better, more reliable service than before.”

Visit the home improvements page to find out more about the improvements we make to your home and your estates.

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