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“Making a difference, that’s what my motivation has always been”

As part of #StartsAtHome day on Friday 3 September, we are lifting the lid on the rewarding work of our support team. Hear from Josie, who has been with Connect for 16 years, about what motivates her to do what she does.

Josie Murray

What is your job?

At the moment I am a Senior Housing Support Coordinator. I am currently seconded from Engage Leeds, where I am housing support worker.

How long have you worked at Connect?

16 years

How would you sum up a typical day?

My job is really varied so no two days are ever the same.

I could be covering a shift at one of the young people’s projects, or working from home. I am working on a few projects at the moment so my day usually starts with checking my emails and calendar and following up anything that needs my attention. This could be contacting support providers, or the social workers and housing solutions team I work with, or any of the young people I support.

What motivates you to do what you do?

Making a difference to other people’s lives. This has always been my motivation at Connect.

To have a positive impact even if it’s only small. To allow someone to offload, to help another to be rehoused or live in better conditions. To support someone to sustain their tenancy or to live independently. To offer support and advice to people who need a bit of help.

It is always nice when you can support a person and see a successful outcome.

Housing is so important. Once that’s right you can see the positive impact it has on health, relationships and independence.

How do you know when you’ve done a good day’s work?

I sleep well! Being able to log off and not worry or feel stressed about the following day is really important.

If you have followed your childhood dream, what job would you be doing now?

I would be a veterinary nurse (I knew I couldn’t quite cut it as a vet! Science wasn’t my strongest subject)

How do you chill out after a busy day at work?

With family time, walking the dog with my son and spending some time with each other in the evening catching up on our days.

Or catching up with friends, usually while walking the dog.

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