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Local entrepreneurs thriving with KBOP

Two Yorkshire men have been developing their own businesses thanks to support from Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership (KBOP).


Nigel Wimpenny runs CFG Terrace Wear while Dominic Mills runs Mills’ Visuals and Rug Pushers.

The pair were supported by KBOP to find training and courses which helped them to learn new skills and grow their businesses.

Nigel’s business – which sells a line of casual terrace wear just for girls – grew from a dark time in his life. He said: “I had my own business which was doing alright, and then Covid struck and it finished me. I lost everything. I was struggling really bad with my mental health, and I needed something to focus on”.

His focus became Casual Football Girls, his Instagram page which has almost 9000 followers. With KBOP’s support, he went on to set up CFG Terrace Wear and develop the skills he needed to manage the business online.

KBOP’s support has also helped Dominic develop his custom rug company, which he’s now planning to expand. “Going on the courses with KBOP, I’m developing so I can train up someone to volunteer and help me make custom rugs” Dominic said. “Doing my piece to inspire young people – plus my kids – is my focus.”

Employment, Training & Education Coordinator Liz Hudson has been working closely with Dominic and Nigel.

She said: “part of our work at KBOP is to support people to achieve their goals and improve their knowledge and skills through education, training and meaningful employment. We are so impressed with both Nigel and Dominic’s achievements so far!”

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