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Focussing on what we can do for Afghan refugees

We have all been feeling heartbroken, angry and powerless at the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan. Now is the time to offer our support to refugees and at Connect we are doing this wholeheartedly.

As an organisation we have been in touch with our Local Authority partners and they are grateful for us offering empty properties to refugees where we can.

We’re also coordinating a donation drive internally, so that staff can donate any items that might be needed, and we will sort and deliver them to the relevant charities, ensuring that they each get what they really need.

If you want to get involved in the refugee efforts on a personal level, there is plenty you can do.

Firstly, there is still a huge need for housing. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in finding out about hosting a refugee in your own home, you can find out more via the national charity Refugees at Home. Their website also has info for those looking to fundraise or donate  to the cause.

If you would like to get involved in supporting Afghan refugees in your region, there’s a variety of local organisations for you to get in touch with. Details of the organisations and what they’re currently requesting are below, though this is subject to change over time.


We will let you know if we find out more details, for now keep an eye on the following websites:


Clothing Store, St Michael’s, Westgate Common, WF2 9RW

Mon/Wed/Fridays 10am- 3pm, though ring 07800605397 first. Dictionaries, thesaurus, educational books, writing materials, colouring books and crayons and small toys are all needed. They are no longer accepting used clothing.

This list we compiled for Refugee Week also details some of these local organisations and more, as well as how to contact them.

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