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Keeping your home, and your pocket, healthy this winter

It’s more important than ever that we talk about how to keep our homes healthy and make sure they work for us. 

Households are having to spend more and more on heating their home and it’s taking more and more money out of their pocket.  

In West Yorkshire alone, it is thought that over 100,000 households are having to spend 10% or more of their disposable income on this and with fuel prices soaring, inflation continuing and the cost of living becoming unbearable for many, this is only going to increase and cost people more. 

How do people combat this in their homes then? There is help available for those who may be concerned that they cannot afford to heat their home and so much advice out there. Just take these useful leaflets that offer some top tips on how to maximise your heat, as well as some of the support available to help you have an energy efficient home that supports you as well as your wallet. 

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