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Everybody needs good neighbours

When was the last time you popped next door to check on your neighbour?

Lockdown might be over but dark nights and cold weather can be just as isolating for many people.

And Winter can be a particularly lonely time for many. So, we are calling on all our residents, customers and staff to go the extra mile for your neighbour.

Community Housing Officer Hannah Faulkner says:

All of us can do something to make someone’s life that little bit better. Just the occasional knock on the door, a short WhatsApp message or the offer to get some shopping can be enough to make a huge difference to a person’s wellbeing.

If you haven’t seen your neighbour for a while, today is a good day to pop over, say hello and check they are okay.

Little things mean the most:

  • Stop for a quick chat when you see your neighbour outside.
  • Offer to pick something up for them when you pop to the shops.
  • Keep shared spaces nice and tidy. Clear snow and ice off garden paths.
  • Keep the noise down. Your neighbours might have young children in bed, or maybe work night shifts.
  • Enjoy baking or cooking? Make a little extra to share.
  • Help by taking out your neighbour’s bins, or bringing them back in.
  • Pass on a book you’ve finished reading.
  • Join your neighbour on a daily or weekly walk.
  • Set up a neighbourly chat group on a social media channel.

Are you feeling lonely? Visit for information and support services you can access across West Yorkshire.

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