3 March 2020

As the government has increased the urgency of its advice to protect each other and the NHS by minimising contact of any sort, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are posting this to update you about changes to our approach to  home visits.

From Tuesday 24th March 2020, we will only be able to  attend EMERGENCY REPAIRS and ESSENTIAL SAFETY INSPECTIONS.  All other contact will be by phone, email, text or direct messaging.

Where we attend to an emergency repair, you will understand that we are taking preventative measures such as additional hand-washing before and after a visit and protective clothing for our technicians. Please do not be alarmed or offended by this. We will need your co-operation in keeping a physical distance between our technician and anyone in your household of at least 2 metres. We have to do this to maintain the availability of our maintenance team to attend repairs.

The Coronavirus outbreak is causing a great deal of anxiety and concern for many reasons including health of loved ones and financial pressure. Our aim is to keep supporting you and our employees but the increasingly stringent measures being adopted nationwide are making this more challenging and so we ask you to please be patient with us as we adapt to offering our services more remotely and as we will also have staff affected. Please contact us if you have any concerns that we may be able to support you with. We will always try to help you as best we can.