3 March 2020

With the situation and advice regarding the Coronavirus outbreak changing frequently, Connect is now encouraging social distancing to reduce the chance of spreading the virus between ourselves and our customers. This action is being taken now as a preventative measure. There is no specific threat and we are not aware of any Connect employees as having the virus or being asked to self-isolate.

In practical terms, this means we are now encouraging our employees to remote work where possible and we are in the process of equipping our workforce with the tools and information required to work from home. In turn we are also asking our staff to find different ways to communicate with and support our customers that avoids personal contact such as home or office visits. Over the coming days and weeks, we expect you will see us interacting with you in new ways.

Theses steps are necessary to reduce the impact on Connect and help us to continue to offer you the support and service you require over the coming months, just in different ways. We do not expect significant disruption and it is still business and usual.

From Wednesday 18th March 2020, we will close our receptions at our Leeds and Dewsbury offices. We may still meet customers at either location however this will be by appointment only. You will not be able to call in. If you need to speak to us, please call us on 0300 5000 600 or you can use the Contact Form on our website.

if you are displaying symptoms of the Coronavirus, or you have been advised to self-isolate, please let us know. This is especially relevant if you have an appointment for a member of Connect staff, or our contactors to visit you.  If you feel there are other ways we can support you throughout this issue, please let us know.

If you require any information about the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, please use the following links for the latest information;

NHS 111
Public Health England

We will continue to monitor the situation and will update this page if the current situation changes.