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Are your energy bills out of control?

You are not alone.

It is estimated that four million households struggle to pay their energy bills and aren’t able to keep warm and comfortable through the colder months.

As a landlord, we are taking important steps to help increase fuel efficiency in our least efficient homes, both to make your home more comfortable, and also to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

This might include insulation, draught-proofing and changes to heating systems. We will always work with you to make sure that we deliver the best improvements with as little disruption as possible.

This all forms part of our commitment to reduce your energy costs.

If you have any worries about heating your home, our specialist advisors are always on hand to help.

Visit our Money Matters page or call 0300 5000 600 and ask for the Money Matters Team.

What to do if your energy company closes

Don’t panic. You’ll still have gas and electricity if your energy supplier goes out of business.

The regulator Ofgem will announce who is taking over your supply so wait for the new supplier to contact you and they will explain what will happen.

Please don’t switch tariff or supplier until your account is transferred to a new supplier as you might find it harder to reclaim money you are owed.

You can access more advice online at Just search for ‘energy’.

How to reduce costs and improve efficiency

The Energy Saving Trust is a great source of information for reducing your energy use and lowering bills. By taking some simple steps you can save pounds, per year:

  • Switch off standby = £35
  • Do one less wash a week = £8
  • Only fill the kettle with what you need = £6
  • Spend one minute less in your shower = £17
  • Turn your thermostat down by one degree = £55
  • Replace bulbs with LEDs = £30
  • Turn off your lights = £11 (Source: Energy Saving Trust)

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