4 April 2020

As the impacts of Coronavirus as still being felt around the UK, the Connect Residents Federation (CRF), a panel of tenants that represent our tenants with Connect would like to share the following message;

Dear CRF members and all Connect Tenants,

We would like to send out our best wishes during this unprecedented time. We find ourselves in a period of unknown, but are determined to remain positive and resilient.  The CRF have paused all meetings in the diary for the foreseeable, but are looking forward to a time when it is safe enough for us to meet again.

So please stay safe and look after yourselves. If anyone is in need of help, please give Connect Housing (0300 5000 600) a call as they’ve been working hard to support and sign post people in need. For that we thank them.

CRF Committee

To learn more about the work of the CRF, please visit their page HERE.