Our work is summarised in our four strategic objectives.

Valued Homes

Our offer will be for everyone, including the poorest in society and those with more than housing needs. We will be part of the solution to the crisis of homelessness. We will build; we will buy; we will grow our offer of truly affordable homes for rent and sale by 2% a year. The safety and condition of our homes is a priority.

Valued People

Based on a deep understanding of what local people want and need, we will adopt models of support that are affordable and sustainable. Great people deliver great service, so we will be a happy, vibrant place to work where people can be their best. We will ‘grow our own’ by making learning a high priority.

Valued Neighbourhoods

As a local landlord and employer, we will take an asset-based approach to people and places, seeking out and working with people who, together, can make a difference. We will innovate and experiment with ways to maximize our resources to use for the good of our communities.

Valued Services

Supported by technology and efficient systems, our costs will be appropriate to the social impact of our work. Our customers will design our services with us – choice, convenience and communication will be core principles to the way we work. We will be a reliable and trustworthy service providers.